Math 140  section 005   Calculus with Analytic Geometry I.  Spring 2010


Instructor: Dr Simona Paoli


Office:  Sheetz Building 103B


Contact Information: The best way to contact me is by e-mail at Alternatively, you can call my office at

 940-3326 (extension 3326 from any campus phone).


Office hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 2:10 P to 3:00 P or by appointment.


Lecture time and place:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1:00P to 1:50 P            102C  SMITH

                                                    Tuesday  1:15P to 2:30 P                                               102C  SMITH


Class cancellations: In case where class must be cancelled, a message will be posted on the Campus Class Cancellation System.


Textbook: Single Variable Calculus: Early Transcendentals, Vol 1, 6th edition, by James Stewart, published by Brookes Cole Thomson.


Prerequisites: MATH 022, MATH 026; or  MATH 040, or MATH 041 or satisfactory performance on the mathematics FTCAP examination. Students who do not meet one of these prerequisites may not take this class.


Course Outline: The main topics are functions, graphs, derivatives, integrals, and applications.


Important deadlines:       Add/Drop deadline:  Wednesday January 20, 2010.                                                                 

                                                    Late Drop deadline:  Friday, April 9, 2010.


Examinations:  There will be two midterms and a final exam. The following dates for midterms are reasonable estimates.


                          Midterm 1:        Tuesday 16 February   in class (1:15P to 2:30P  102C SMITH).

                          Midterm 2:       Tuesday  6  April , in class (1:15P to 2:30P  102C SMITH)

                          Final exam:      Wednesday 5 May, 1:10A to 12:00P, 102C SMITH.


Quizzes: There will be weekly quizzes held in class each Friday starting with week 2. They will be graded and returned to you. The two lowest grades in your quizzes will be discarded in working out your final grade.


Grading: Your grade will be determined by the quizzes, the two midterms and  the final exam. The weights of each are as follows:


                          Quizzes:           15%

                          Midterm 1:       25%

                          Midterm2:        25%

                          Final exam:      35%


The letter grade is computed by the following scheme:

A (94-100)        C+ (75-79)

A- (90-93)        C (70-74)

B+ (87-89)        D (60-69)

B (84-86)          F (0-59)

B- (80-83)


Make ups policy: Make up exams will only be given to students with a valid official reason and prior arrangement with me before the official exam date. Otherwise, a missed exam will score zero.


Calculator Policy: No calculators allowed during quizzes and exams.


Homework: Homework problems assigned in class will not be collected; however, the exam problems will be very similar to the homework problems. Doing homework problems regularly is vital to the success in the course. A list of suggested problems is available at the homework page, which is updated regularly.


The learning resource center: The learning resource center is an excellent place to start looking for resources outside the classroom, such as tutors or websites with useful information.


Academic integrity: All Penn State policies regarding ethics and honorable behavior apply to this course. Any form of cheating on an exam or quiz will result in a 0 for the grade on that test. Serious forms of cheating will be referred to the appropriate University offices .


Students with disabilities: Students with a documented disability are advised to notify both the instructor and the Disability Services Office (located in the Health and Wellness Center) to request specific classroom accommodations based on your disability.