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Date Speaker and Title Location
01/21/99 Bob Wells
The Luukkainen-Semmes Example

01/28/99 Carl Letsche
Eta Invariants, Slice Knots, and such, Part I

02/04/99 Carl Letsche
Eta Invariants, Slice Knots, and such, Part II

02/11/99 David Hurtubise
The Topology of Linear Systems

02/18/99 David Hurtubise
Observability and Controllability

02/25/99 David Hurtubise
The Homotopy Type of Spaces of Linear Systems

03/04/99 No meeting

03/11/99 No meeting: Spring break!

03/18/99 Dmitri Burago
Quasi-isometric Sets

03/25/99 Bob Wells
Some Easy Stuff About Smooth and Metric Quotients

04/01/99 No meeting

04/08/99 No meeting

04/15/99 Joe Borzellino
Generalized Critical Point Theory and Sphere Theorems

04/22/99 Steve Armentrout & Bob Wells
About the Poincaré Conjecture

04/29/99 Victor Brunsden
Anosov-like Actions

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