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Hello Everyone! My name is Mike Robinson and I am the president of Math Club here at Penn State Altoona. Welcome to our virtual home! Our mission includes:

  • Bringing students from all majors and disciplines interested in Mathematics together.
  • Providing the opportunity for faculty & professionals in mathematics related fields to share with interested students their experiences, research, and a wide range of real-world applications of mathematics.
  • Informing students of career and educational opportunities in mathematics.
Being a part of Math Club provides an excellent way for students to network with the Math faculty and fellow students outside of the classroom in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Our activities include:
  • Math talks by faculty members,
  • bowling nights, game nights, mathematically based contests, and other events.
Student Leadership: For more information please contact me (mqr5225 "at"

Faculty Coordinator: Dr. David Hurtubise.

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2010-2012   EVENTS
The Constant of Integration +C
Dr. Marian Anton
The Mathematics of Voting
Dr. Mike Weiner
Euler’s Equation
Barry Minemyer
  3rd Annual Integration Bee   Integration Bee Winners
  Mathematics of a Zombie attack
Dr. Mike Weiner
  Why study Math and Statistics?
Dr. Jun Masamune
  The Euler Characteristic and Gauss-Bonnet Theorem
Dr. Zhaohu Nie
  1 = 2? The Banach-Tarski Paradox
Dr. Thomas Krainer
  Faculty and Students Bowling
  When does random become smooth?
Dr. Jun Masamune
  Stock Index Arbitrage and Financial Armageddon
Dr. John Mcginnis
  Fun with Fractals
Dr. Victor Brunsden

K12 Outreach

It is the desire of the Mathematics Faculty at Penn State Altoona to promote mathematics in general and also heighten awareness of the opportunities. To forward that goal we have designed:

High School Math Competition @ Penn State Altoona

  • Information for the competition 2010

The regional MATHCOUNTS Competitions for the Central Region and the Blair Region are held annually on campus at Penn State Altoona.

  • For more information, visit the official webpage
  • The contests for 2012 were held on the first Saturday, February.

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K12 Resources


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